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Gift Hopper to Regular Customer
Posted by:Admin Budtender, December - 07 - 2016

“Anything for first timers?” See my other post “Do I Get a Free Gift for Signing Up?” for more on this topic. Most new customer registrations are one-hit wonders. I like to call them Gift Hoppers. People who place orders simply to score the free gift. They do all the hassle of registering with you, place a single order, and you never hear from them again.

They made up a good portion of our monthly sales for a while, especially in the beginning. As you begin to increase the number of regular customers your dispensary has, you don’t really notice the hoppers as much. They just sort of come and go while you focus the greater amount of your time on your regulars.

During one particular night I was with one of my more junior operators and I overheard a call between him and the customer. The customer was very excited and happy about our service and wanted to share his experience with him. I don’t think the operator really felt all that good because he really didn’t respond the way I though he ought to in that case. Just sort of acknowledged the customer but with no enthusiasm. I could just hear it in the customer’s voice the sort of trailing off of excitement “oh…um…well anyway yeah I just wanted to tell you that” and then on to placing his order.

I’ve been in customer service a long time and I cringe in those moments, however like most things I try to see the positive in things too. I waited until the order was complete and about 10 minutes or so later, I called the customer back and said the following:

“Hi Bill, my name is Pete and I’m one of the managers here. One of my jobs is calling new customers after their first few orders to see how things are going, and if there’s anything you think we should be doing.”

Man, let me tell you. He opened up. It was like all of the cool stuff he wanted to say to that operator he could now say to me. It was awesome, I felt like a weed delivery god. He got to say all these cool things and then afterward he told me “You know I thought you guys were cool before, but now I’m going to tell everyone about you!”

No joke that customer has probably referred 50 new customers to our service. Many of them are now regulars.

When Budtender was being developed I remembered this story and built in an automated way to keep track of doing the same thing with every one of your new customers. It’s called the Manager Call feature. If enabled, it will automatically alert the manager to make a courtesy call to a new customer to welcome them into the service after a set number of orders are placed. If you follow that advice I’m sure you’ll convert a lot more Gift Hoppers into regular customers.

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