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First, Know your Customer
Posted by:Admin Budtender, December - 07 - 2016

I know exactly what you need. Yes YOU. How do I know what you need even though I’ve never met you? I don’t. How can I? Yet so many dispensary owners try to push their service onto their customers and expect that if they simply ‘bring the fire’ then they can run their service any way they choose. Maybe for some, but for the mass majority of us regular mortals we have to do a little more.

There are a number of ways to get a read on your customers’ needs. The number one way? ASK them! Open your mouth and be vocal, send emails, create polls. Do whatever it takes to get that golden information about exactly what it is that your customers expect from their dispensary. The business who gives them that consistently will be the one they consistently give their business to in return. It’s a law, I think. Someone wrote that somewhere and if not, then I just did!

“If you sell what people are buying, then you don’t have to sell at all.” These words of wisdom are true here. The problem comes sometimes from the fact that getting the information can be difficult and can also feel intrusive as well.

In Budtender we’ve built in a few things initially to help out in this aspect. The first is reviews. Every time a customer places a delivery order, we have an opportunity for the customer to rate the order right on the spot. If the customer is unhappy with something, a manager can be notified instantly to address the situation in real time, long before the bad review shows up on Weedmaps or Yelp. During these customer interactions, the opportunity to simply have a conversation about your service, products, or anything else is there. Take advantage of it.

In addition to the reviews on every order, we also have reviews on every product that can be a great indicator as to which products should be restocked and which should be moved along.

The second thing we built in is a feature called the Manager Call. You can read more about it in another blog post called “Gift Hopper to Regular Customer”, but in a nutshell the feature creates another opportunity for you to have a conversation with your customer and find out what s/he is looking for in terms of product, service, and other expectations. It’s just another way Budtender works to keep you right on the pulse of your business and not just watching on the sidelines, reacting to whatever the day brings you.

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