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Welcome to the Budtender Blog!
Posted by:Admin Budtender, December - 07 - 2016

I can’t tell you how very cool it is to be writing this. It’s been five years. Five years of market research to bring you this first blog post. It’s been a wild ride so far. We’ve got a lot to share with you, but first…introductions are in order. My name is Pete Pellizzari and I am the creator of Budtender. Nice to meet you.

I know it sounds corny and played out, but Budtender is truly a solution that was created for dispensary owners by dispensary owners. We’ve taken the time to work in the very same field that we sell our software in; your field. At one time we might have even done business together.

During the early years cutting our teeth in the delivery market we started with pen and paper, literally. I had a computer that I started to keep track of patients with and each order I’d diligently write on a Post-it note all the details of the delivery. One particularly busy day I sent my driver out with several orders. Each bag had a nice Post-it note stuck to it with all the details. It was beautiful.

Driving down the road he rolled down the window and the notes went flying everywhere! After an hour of sorting things out the deliveries were finally made (late!) and he got back to the shop telling me “We need a new way.”

Budtender was born shortly thereafter. From this moment on it slowly began to take shape. The feature set growing by what our team and the market demanded of it. We found so many ways that Budtender can really jump in and assist, rather than just dumbly storing and retrieving information like other systems do.

The idea began to shift from simply having a system that kept track of inventory, customers, orders, etc. you know…like every other POS out there, to a system that did all of that plus added some intelligence and acted as a personal assistant in many ways taking some heat off the dispensary manager and staff to remember everything.

As this idea matured, Budtender was designed to assist the dispensary owner with the operation of their business, but be intuitive and easy to use. What that means is we’ve created ‘virtual employees’ in the system and given them jobs that they do automatically 24/7/365 and they don’t have a paycheck, benefits, and sick days. Bonus.

Now Budtender has matured enough to begin offering as a free pilot to select dispensaries. It’s an exciting time! As new features are being developed, they will be released on a regular schedule to continually improve this revolutionary platform. Come see for yourself how smooth your business can run when Budtender is managing your operational process flow.

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