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Do I Get a Free Gift for Signing Up?
Posted by:Admin Budtender, December - 07 - 2016

Medical Marijuana Budtenders have been hearing those words shortly after dispensaries starting giving free gifts to new customers. The free gift registration has become so commonplace in most areas that to open a shop and not give a gift means you’re probably missing out on a lot of new customers.

Dispensaries that do offer free gifts to new or returning customers are often managed by well-meaning owners who offer gift but fail to make good on these gifts a percentage of the time. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just that they sometimes forget to include the gift in the order. It’s one of a hundred mistakes any dispensary owner will tell you that can and do happen all the time.

During my time managing my delivery service, the number one complaint from our customers was forgetting the free gift on the first order. This problem wasn’t just about my team forgetting the gift, but about a consistent pattern of delivery services that offer gifts and don’t always follow through with them. This particular problem with delivery services is seen up and down the state of California even at the time of this writing, and I’m sure it’s the same in other states too.

I saw this as a great opportunity to shine. After listening to the trend of disappointed first-timers, I made it a mission in my own service to ensure that the free gift was always included in every order. After all, if everyone else was letting people down, we look that much better when we don’t. We posted signs near phones and would check each other’s orders. It worked, for a while. Then things started to sort of creep back to old habits and before long we were missing the occasional free gift, among other things.

We realized the problem wasn’t really us, it was that we needed someone to keep track of that kind of thing. We needed to hire a person whose only job was to check for free gifts. We needed to hire this person to work every shift, every day. Oh, and we quickly realized we couldn’t afford to do that, and the job would really, really suck.

Instead of hiring a full time person, we decided to let Budtender handle it instead. It’s called Freebies. The Freebie system knows when your customers are new and/or re-registering and can be set to automatically include a free gift of your choice. Bam, no more falling down on the free gift job. That’s right rock star, bask in the limelight.

Freebies are a lot cooler than that though. They can be configured to drop free stuff on orders in a number of cool ways. How about stickers or business cards? You don’t want to give the same marketing materials to your regular customers every day, do you? Set those stickers, business cards, or fliers up as freebies and Budtender will manage their distribution ensuring that everyone only receives one of them. You can even set the frequency in which they’re eligible for it. Set the frequency to monthly and you’ve got yourself a built-in subscription engine for industry mags and other monthly pubs. Dope. It’s just another way that Budtender is different from any other platform out there. We live this stuff and we write software to handle things. Now you can have it too. Cheers.

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